I was having a conversation with some of my students at the Symbiosis College of Liberal Arts about how to actively choose the future you’d truly like to create. As we spoke, one of the main places of confusion and sense of unclarity was as the students put and asked,”How do we know where to begin?” That took me back to when I changed my careers and plunged into the unknown! Thankfully, I’d read  an excerpt in a manual by Gary Douglas in my first ever Access Consciousness Class, the Access Bars, where he very fleetingly mentions about how he began by acknowledging and developing his talents, gifts and abilities . However, though this line caught my attention, I wasn’t really sure where my talents, gifts, abilities aka my superpowers lie. Now over 6 years exploring this through, and the exploration still continues, I’ve realised 3 telltale signs that Access has taught me about recognising my superpowers.


Number 1: If you FEAR something you definitely have a potency there !

In Access, fear is referred to as one of Distractor Implants. Distractor implants are designed to keep you distracted from the truth of a situation. And fear always always always and I mean always masks and distracts you from your POTENCY !

I’ve seen time and again where people have come up, said they are fearful of something and then after some questions and some facilitation they turn out to have a massive capacity exactly in that area. I’ve seen this happen with “fear” of horses, ghosts, spirits, insects, birds, name it. If you just remember to ask next time you get into the “fear” of something, “What is my potency here that I haven’t acknowledged ?’ , you may get an awareness of some underlying capacity. Try it, don’t take my word for it and let me know what happens!


Number 2 : It comes so easily to you, you don’t even recognise that’s a capacity

The second question to ask is, “What comes so easily to me that I haven’t yet acknowledged? ” Now this is a tricky one, though this makes sense logically, these are places that come so easy to you, that it’s almost very easy to disregard it as a capacity. I have a friend, who can talk to atleast 10 people at the same time and hold conversations with them and engage with them simultaneously. And she just couldn’t see that as a capacity which literally is a gift to every business she’s part of. It came so easy to her, she pretty much disregarded it. Until she did recognise it, acknowledge it and now she is a ragingly successful PR for a big corporation. So keep asking this question, “What comes so easily to me that I haven’t yet acknowledged? ” and then acknowledge and develop it . You’ll be surprised where your superpowers lie, I can guarantee you that !


Number 3 : Last but not the least, Everywhere you’ve ever been made wrong, is exactly where you’re strong !

Literally every place you’ve been made wrong, that’s where your strength lies. If you’ve been made wrong about being too bossy, chances are you have the capacity to be an excellent leader. If you’ve been made wrong for being “too much”, you have so much energy, you can probably handle 10 projects at the same time. If you’ve been made wrong that you’re super weird , just be thankful ! If you have autism, add, adhd, you’re a freaking x-men with superpowers beyond this reality ! So everywhere you’ve made wrong, please ask, ” If this was not wrong, if I was not wrong, what is my strength here? ”


So I hope these help. I know they’ve changed my life and living as I know it. What can you create as your life and living if you truly acknowledged your capacities, gifts, talents, abilities and
all your superpowers?


– Dr. Khushboo Shah

And a few books I highly recommend :

  1. Living Beyond Distractions : Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer (To know more about the distractor implants)
  2. Would you teach a fish how to climb a tree ? : Gary Douglas, Dr. Dain Heer and Anne Maxwell (For children and adults with ADD, ADHD, Autism)

Link to buy the books : https://www.accessconsciousness.com/en/access-shop/#a_aid=Khushboo



For more information and to book sessions with Dr. Khushboo Shah visit : https://www.drkhushboo.net


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