(Spoiler : It included blindfolds too)


Uncomfortable things lead to greater possibilities (or so I have been made to believe by my boss to get work done). I have lost count of the number of uncomfortable things I have done during my work at Earthlings and I’m glad I did all of those (well, most of them).

I’m an ambivert who leans towards introversion and there’s a long list of things that lie outside my comfort zone. I don’t try crazy stunts like being the center of attention, mingling with strangers, let alone talking to a lot of strangers on my own.
But a lot of that changed with Earthlings.
Every event that we had brought up something uncomfortable and every uncomfortable thing that I did, I learnt something new.

Source : Sarah Anderson Comics


#1.I learnt not to look uncomfortable when working with Earthlings. You know that glance you shoot your friend when you want to run away from something uncomfortable? I learnt to never shoot a glance like that at my boss or even show any mild expression of discomfort on my face. The minute I give away I’m uncomfortable doing something, she will one hundred percent make sure I go through with it just so that I overcome my fears (and for the free entertainment of course)

#2. I learnt to talk to strangers I couldn’t even see! As if talking to strangers wasn’t hard enough, they added blindfolds to it.¬† Courtesy : Earthlings Unseen, an event where blindfolded participants strike up conversations about friendship, love and life!

#3. I learnt that opening up in groups actually helps. Take a group of complete¬†strangers. How would you feel sharing your deepest thoughts and fears with them? But add some art, drumming and interesting activities and you’ll be saying things out loud you never even knew you had held back.

#4. I learnt to laugh at my own insecurities.¬† Most of us have some or the other insecurities, be it about the way you look, the way you sound or about what people might think of you. But sometimes these are so silly that if you look at it from someone else’s point of view you can actually find the humour in them.

#5. I learnt to be vulnerable without feeling weak. Crying or sharing your fears and feelings doesn’t make you weak. It starts a conversation you need to have to help you move forward.

So while my journey has been full of uncomfortable things like talking to strangers, calling clients, opening up about my problems and being vulnerable, each one of them have helped me grow in some or the other way. And I will always be grateful to Earthlings for that !


Source : www.theawkwardyeti.com

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