Tap into our own subconscious beliefs!

Yes! this is where we make you drowsy by making you watch an oscillating pendulum and then.. in a deep voice command.. “YOU ARE FEELING SLEEPY... SLEEPPPYYY”.. repeat it a few times over and then... just when you’re about to fall face down.. we make you “cluck like a chicken” in front of hundreds of people!!

Hehe... well we wish that is what hypnosis was! :P

But NO! Contrary to popular belief, Hypnosis is only a state of Altered Awareness in which access is available to the subconscious mind. It is a state of deep relaxation which allows us to then tap into our own subconscious beliefs which may be limiting us and can ONLY be accessed if WE CHOOSE to and give ourselves permission to!

The sub-conscious mind is where all our limiting beliefs are stored. If we find ourselves in repeated limiting patterns, be it with our bodies, relationships, money, careers, chances are there is a limiting point of view hidden somewhere in our subconscious that we cannot access. Through hypnosis we gain access to it, so that we can change any and every situation we’d like to.

Hypnosis thus, can be adapted for individual and group therapy.

Some of the many issues hypnosis can help deal with:


  1. Resolve Team Conflicts.
  2. Enhancing Communication Skills.
  3. Boost performance quotient.
  4. Create Positive Work Environment.
  5. Increase Dynamism within working groups.
  6. Increase team adaptability and versatility.


  1. Depression
  2. Asthma
  3. Psoriasis Eczema, Allergies
  4. Migraine
  5. De-addiction
  6. Relationship issues
  7. Fears and Phobias
  8. Pain Management
  9. Weight Management
  10. Eating Disorders
  11. Back pain, Joint pain, Arthritis
  12. PCOD
  13. Breathing problem
  14. Insomnia
  15. Accident and Surgical trauma, etc.
  16. To get rid of exam related fear and anxiety, improve focus, concentration and overall performance