Become a part of this Universal Symphony again!

“Whenever people gather to play the drum, the world becomes a better place”
- Babatunde Olatunji

Drumming has perhaps been one of the oldest forms of active meditation known to humanity. Group drumming has been recorded to be part of all ancient and modern tribes, from the natives of America, to the aboriginals down under, from the many tribes in Africa to the adivasis of India!! There is something about rhythm that is almost so primitive so inherently human, so inherently “US”, you’d think we are part of this great big musical piece composed by the Universe!!

But sometimes we forget our piece in this symphony of massive almost infinite proportions! We kind of start beating and pacing at an off note, unsynchronised to this Universal symphony... this is where the concept of Drum Circles seems to have evolved in modern times...

What if you didn’t have to be a musician or an artist to become part of this Universal Symphony again? What if a simple arrangement of drums in a circle had the power to connect us to that Universal rhythm again? Will the world become a better place?

Drum Circles:

Having been trained in Traditional West African Folk Music and Drum Circle Facilitation through Taal Inc, Khushboo can facilitate you through a very unique journey of rhythm, music and singing! In a circle of absolutely no judgement what could we create together?

Group Drumming can therefore help with a myriad of issues from emotional to mental to physical conflicts. It can be used for all age groups to help facilitate a change specific to that group. From team building exercises to dealing with trauma of any kind, group drumming can help de-stress in way that is definitely fun if nothing else!