All the world's a stage!

What if Life was one huge play? Different roles, different characters all played at the same time? Different stories being enacted... all intertwining into one big drama of epic proportions? What if we could then step out of this “drama”, and observe ourselves as mere characters..just actors playing out a scripted play? A play scripted, directed, produced, and ultimately enacted by us alone? Would we then be able to change the script of roles that don’t serve us anymore? Would we then choose to play roles that are more contributive to us and to everyone around us? Would we then realise that the so called “sticky” situations in your life can be changed by merely “scripting” it differently? Would we then write plays and enact dramas that were just joyful comedies?

Peer group theatre training techniques are intended to create role plays and scenarios to enable us to understand where each person and the role they are playing is truly coming from. It helps us to understand the complexities of the “role” each one is playing as an OBSERVER. These techniques can be very well adapted not only in corporate settings but also schools and colleges. Well-developed peer theatre programmes present dynamic messages that engage young people and affect them more powerfully than messages presented in a lecture setting.

It is a proven technique which if carefully orchestrated within a group to teach and consolidate learning, thereby developing communication expressibility and self confidence. And with our multi-talented but slightly eccentric facilitator, Satyakam, who comes with an almost truly colorful life experience... you’re sure to enjoy a roller-coaster ride of unadulterated fun!