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Tap into the healing power of your own imagination

As a poet once said-
“There is something incredibly therapeutic and healing about standing up in front of a bunch of people and saying your stuff”

And that is exactly what spoken word is all about. Combining poetry, an immensely personal way in which people express themselves with performance in front of an audience, spoken word poetry empowers people to share their innermost emotions with others. We all have poetry within us, that poetry is the way we put out our feelings and express them, it helps us sort ourselves out. We can write about our anxieties when we read it out to people, we can face those same anxieties because now they are out in the open, people know about them and they can help one deal with them.

There are many stories of how people deal with issues through poetry and writing, if one has an urge to express one’s self, then this is for you. Children and adults can tap into the healing power of their own imagination. They can have dialogues with themselves where they can work out what they feel. Many times when we are troubled the emotions we feel are complex, they need to be expressed appropriately and in a way we can comprehend. Poetry does exactly that.

So let Chandrakant, our spoken word poet who combines his ease with words with his old soul wisdom help you put those unexpressed feelings out on paper!