A space created for imagination and exploration

Educators have long known that the arts can contribute to student academic success and adult emotional well being. The ancient art of storytelling is especially well-suited for student exploration. As a folk art, storytelling is accessible to all ages and abilities. No special equipment beyond the imagination and the power of listening and speaking is needed to create artistic images. As a learning tool, storytelling can encourage students to explore their unique expressiveness and can heighten a student's ability to communicate thoughts and feelings in an articulate, lucid manner. These benefits transcend the art experience to support daily life skills. In our fast-paced, media-driven world, storytelling can be a nurturing way to remind children as well as adults that their spoken words are powerful, that listening is important, and that clear communication between people is an art.

And as our multi-faceted storytelling facilitator, Hemant Baliwala, puts it:
The medium of storytelling, in many ways enhances the imagination power of not only the storyteller but also of the listener. With a narrative in the background, a space is created for imagination and exploration. The confluence of music, narrative, imagination, and the underlying association with the characters and the story, creates a unique experience unlike any other!