A Picture is worth a thousand words...

We’ve heard this a thousand times before... but what does it truly mean? Can an image or a picture express more than our words can ever do? Do you sometimes find yourself at a loss of words to truly express yourself? Do you find that sometimes even if you have the “right” words somehow they fail to express the sheer expansiveness or intensity of what you feel? And sometimes do you feel that your words are not really expressing the true “You” and there is almost a “lie” attached to it?

This is where the potency of images and pictures comes in!

As the well-known artist and therapist and puts it and we quote, “Images are a means of communication for those with limited, or impaired, verbal skills, but they are also vital for the articulate whose words can distract, defend and deceive.”

So Visual Arts is where we get down and dirty with paints, crayons, colour pencils, craft material and pour our uninhibited, untamed hearts out! And YOU DO NOT need to be an artist to play with some colours! When was the last time we played with crayons and got so immersed everything else seemed insignificant? So are the little kids showing us something we’ve forgotten?

Our founder and facilitator Dr. Khushboo Shah, will take you through this beautiful journey of colours and with her expertise in Access Consciousness be assured to get in touch with that inner child just ready to leap out!!