Dance Movement Therapy

Get in touch with the gift and magic your body always has been!

Just sway.. Just move.. When did you let your body move the way it wanted to?.. or wait.. Did you NOT allow it to move cause you thought you’re not a good dancer?.. OR.. Did you not allow it to move cause you were too scared of being judged?.. But.. What if you could step out of your mind and step into your body? What if you let it talk to you, communicate with you? What if you let it show you how to move? How would you move then? What would your body say to you? What possibilities would you open up to then? What would you finally be able to release through your body?

Dance/movement therapy, a creative arts therapy, is rooted in the expressive nature of dance itself. Dance is the most fundamental of the arts, involving a direct expression and experience of oneself through the body. It is a basic form of authentic communication, and as such it is an especially effective medium for therapy. Dance/movement therapy can be adapted for individuals of all ages, groups and families in a wide variety of settings. The focus is on enabling and improving self-esteem and body image, develop effective communication skills and relationships, expand movement vocabulary, gain insight into patterns of behavior, as well as create new options to cope with problems.