‘ Relax, and then do it ‘

This is a phrase which is now my go to everytime I am not able to do something or I’m thinking about something .

‘ Relax, and then do it ‘

The moment I hear this, I force my body to relax, to get from my mind to my body .

And it’s insane how immediately the confusion disappears and a little clarity sets in .

The more I connect with my body , the more I relax, and then even more , and even more and then suddenly an idea will pop , or my eyes will dart to the exact thing that I had been looking for …

I have seen this time and again , relaxation helps with EVERYTHING .

It eases me when I enter a room and there are a lot of entities , or when I catch myself analysing people around me , or while making choices

When you relax , you can no longer create stress . Any kind of stress .


Because relaxation is our most natural state of being. It is what comes naturally to us . It is what we knew BEFORE anything. Ever seen a kid not relaxed ?

Relaxation is a superpower we all have , but we seldom choose .

Was relaxation valued in your house , your schools or your workplaces ?

So , what lies of stress are you using to avoid easy relaxation you could be choosing ?

For a moment , just put your hand anywhere on your body . Get a sense of it … now ask your body , hey body are you ever stressed ?

What if stress is just an invention to distract you from the natural peace and ease which is always available to you ?

What are you choosing today ?