About 6 years back I quit my profession as a dentist. I really wasn’t happy with what was showing up as my life. I literally experienced what my life was going to be in the next 30 years and no…I was not happy! Thats when I got introduced to Access Consciousness which I describe as a practical guide to creating my life (that I should have been taught in School)! I have been using these tools, these questions for the last 6 years and my life has changed tracks and how!? It’s the same tools and same questions I give out to my students at the Symbisois College of Liberal Arts before starting each module. These questions will help you get clarity about what YOU truly desire to create your life as and then choice becomes easy! So here we go..


  1. What would I like my life to BE like in the next 5 years? Start asking yourself this. Make a list of things you’d actually like to have as your life. Really…MAKE A LIST! Add to it everything you desire as your life…More travel? More abundance? Meeting interesting people? Changing people’s lives? Nurturing Realtionships?,… you get it ! Add everything you’d like your life to be like. Keep getting more and more clarity everyday. Re-visit the list atleast once in two weeks to see what you’d like add, what you’d like to change. The idea here is to get clarity and also to get in touch with ENERGY of what you’d like your life to be like. Notice when you actually make this list, the lightness you sense. The sense of possibility always has a lightness, if its not light its not true for you.
  2. If I choose this what will it create in the next 5 years? Once you start asking for what you’d like your life to be, you will be presented with a variety if choices everyday. This is the part that confuses most students (even adults). When presented with so many choices what do I choose? If you ask if I choose this what will create in the next five years and it matches the energy of possibility that you got in touch with asking the first question just choose it … no matter what it looks like! Remember NO MATTER WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE ! If it matches the lightness of your list .. go for it ! If not ask what else is possible that I have not considered as yet ?
  3. Last but not the least if you truly desire to create a life that changes the world as we know it ask, Will this create a greater future?  Asking this question will create a future way beyond what your mind can fathom whether its about choosing a career path, a business, a project, a class, a relationship…anything! When you’re creating towards a greater future..the list that you made will start actualising as your life literally as a by-product. Creating your life does not require hard work! ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE is the law of the Universe. The only thing you have to do is ask questions that create a greater future and follow YOUR LIGHTNESS!


All of Life Comes to Me with Ease, Joy and Glory!


– Dr. Khushboo Shah BDS, CFMW

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