A few years ago, I was changing my career path and literally leaping into the unknown . At this point I had to generate a revenue stream to help pay for the classes and workshops I knew were going to help create the future I desired . So this is how I used the steps I’ve written about earlier !

Step 1: Becoming Aware of Those “Pings” of Possibilities : Right at the start of my “new” career I had chosen to become an Access Bars ®️ Facilitator (more on this later) . At this point , I realised I needed a massage table to conduct my sessions. It so happened they weren’t easily available at the cost I required them in India . So I found a source through my cousin to export one for me . Interestingly, there were many of us who required it and thanks to some wonderful beings , the possibility of starting a Massge table rental business was offered to me . Now as this opportunity knocked , there was this sudden sense of total expansiveness . I knew there was something there .

Step 2: Trusting my awareness was extremely essential here . You have to know , I was a dentist , turned into a weird Facilitator now wanting to start a Massge table business. There was a lot of “have you gone crazy” . But I knew, I knew and I trusted what I knew !

Step 3 : Taking Action . I didn’t know anything about how to export , what is required , nothing . However, I took action , I chose . I asked “Who do I talk to , to get the information I require?” And when you ask, you receive . Wishing a month eberuthing was set up . I had my first order of 60 massage tables . And the classes I wanted to attend, were the ones that required these . So not only did I get to attend the classes that literally changed my life , not I got paid to attend them !!

Since then I’ve sold many a tables , rented many of them and it continues to be a gifting source of additional income !

So don’t access your awareness ! You don’t want thing to come to you with ease 😜 !



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