“Scared is Scared of the things you like!”…this is probably one of the most simple yet profound statements i’ve heard in a while.
Just a quick check..you’ll have watched the video right? Make sure you watch the video..again..WATCH THE VIDEO!!!.. okay now read..:P

So this “technique” about distracting yourself from “scary thoughts” with something you like, maybe a cookie and some milk, or personally a delicious glass not even cup (:P) of the creamiest cold coffee, or some good happy music, or a quick game of basketball..or just dancing..anything YOU like does work and at least for that moment the “scary thought” seems to disappear..

But this got me questioning..are the things you like distractors or are the “scary thoughts” distractors? In Access Consciousness we have a concept about Distractor implants…fears being one of them! Distractors are something that aren’t even real..they only distract you from the truth of the situation. Think about this, if they were really real would they go away? Even if it is just for that moment?

Now try this..what if the things that were real and true for you were the things that you like? And what if the things that stopped you from doing the things you like were in fact, the distractors?  What if they were just a bunch of lies that stop you from creating what you’d like to?

So go ahead..try it out for a day..fill your day with the things you like, and any and every thought you have that distracts you from enjoying it..distract yourself from that distractor by what you like..pizza, wine maybe, swimming?? poetry??
Cause guess what..”Scared is really just scared of the things you like?”

Then try a whole week filled with things you like, then a whole month, then a whole year..and every “scary thought” you just had while reading this that said this wasn’t possible..think about that creamy cold coffee..distract yourself from the scary thought.and do the things you LOVE..cause they are really real!!!

“Let the nervous go out of you,
Let it disappear out of your head,
Out of your ear
Out of your mouth..Phew..HYAH!!!”

What would you create if you scared away the (feeling of) scared by things you like?

– Dr. Khushboo Shah

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