This week I had very interesting experiences, everytime I would be in my kitchen, cooking, I would suddenly hear the birds in my garden, or the leaves fluttering, something or the other.

And just listening to them would provide a break from me trying to get my recipe right or just being in my head.

Then I realised that the Earth is ALWAYS speaking to me. Right when I wake up, to when I’m bathing to when I’m thinking of whether to go out for that walk or not, it’s constantly speaking to me.

Through the birds chirping, sometimes my cat mewing to get my attention, and even the houseplants asking for more sunlight/water.

And most of the times I shut these sounds off. Because , well I don’t even have a because.

But then I sense the days when I hear these sounds, when I follow their instructions. The birds aren’t just chirping, they’re asking me to hear them , to receive them, to include them in my day. So I started listening. And then cooking…

Suddenly I feel lighter, I cook more automatically, the recipe doesn’t matter anymore, I also realise I love experimenting with my food, working with the ingredients I have, creating my own recipe. And yes, having the birds in the background. I go open the windows of my kitchen, I invite them in, I want them in my day. And they’re so excited to have me in theirs.

I sense the same sounds when I wake up from my afternoon sleep groggy, sort of blaming myself even for falling asleep for so long. But then I hear the sounds again. Just animals outside, cats mewing. It’s almost like they’re saying ‘IT DOESNT MATTER!! COME OUTSIDE PLAY!’ .

And I like a proper human then think of reasons to go outside, because if I am going outside in the middle of the day , I should have a reason right, I can’t just go out without having a ‘chore’ to do.

I realise the stupidity of this rationalising, and just step out, in my messy hair. And the birds were right , the sun feels amazing on my skin and then I see a neighbor approaching. I go meet her, we chat and walk for a while. I FEEL SO NICE.!

So yes, what I realise is that the Earth is speaking to me .. CONSTANTLY. I’m in communion with it, it supports me and wants me to THRIVE!

Because thats just how it functions! So would you listen to the Earth today, and if you listen you’ll realise the planet wishes to participate in creating your day! Just listen, and follow it’s whispers! You might just have an amazing day today!

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