Go back to when you were a child , trying to study for an exam in your room . And every time you were asked to focus , how much did it agitate you . Did it actually feel “natural” to you ? I for one studied in the living room , on a moving swing, with the television on in the background and I did fairly well ! Let me not be modest, I did really well . And when I was asked to focus and study in my room, well haha you’d find me sleeping , or drawing , or colouring or sleeping again

So this is what’s natural for me . To be engaged in mutiple projects . And I still use this even now . I wonder if that’s what’s actually true for you too ?

How does this translate to my work now ? I have mutiple sources of income . I delve in many ventures , and that keeps me focused with all my projects ! It stops me from micro-managing , it allows me to be truly creative , it allows my team to explore their creativity .

And also , it’s practical . No matter what one project requires, there’s always one that’s providing the income to keep things going .

So I wonder if you can ask , How many more sources of revenue can I generate today ?

And access your awareness .

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