A couple of years ago , a friend came in distraught from being fired from his job . Now no matter what situation it is , even if it’s part of the “corporate” world , I know the Universe has you back (and this I say at a serious risk of sounding philosophical) . But no, really ! The sooner you get this , know this in your bones, the faster you’ll adapt and mutate to every change . And happier you’ll be !

So getting back to the distraught friend !
I asked him a few questions :
1) Did you really see yourself growing with the job you had ?
Answer : No, not really
2) Have you acknowledged you’ve been asking for more ?
Answer : oops no !
3) Is this the change you’ve been asking for showing up differently ?
Answer : Big YES !

Cool awesome ! Now we know that this isn’t a problem ! I asked him to stay with a few questions:

1) What do I really desire to create ?
2) What would I like my life to be like in the next 5 years , 10 years , 30 years ?
3) What action can I take to bring everything I desire into actualisation?

And 3 years down the line ! He has his own venture (and you may have a new job or something else) . He’s happier ! He’s growing and he’s making more money !

So what’s the gift in being laid off ?

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