So when do you use the Access Consciousness tool? The actual answer is FOR EVERYTHING…but since we’ve watched the video and at this point you maybe wondering why I made you watch it (besides it being hilarious of course), is to draw your attention at precisely 1min19sec (of the video). You may want to go back and scroll the video again…

Most of us have had those break ups. Songs that remind us of the memories of the once happy but now shitty (excuse my crude language) relationship. Songs that make us miss our exes. Songs that make your stomach churn, a churn almost alike but possibly worse than the one when you’ve had that road side, rainy season, booger flavoured and sweat seasoned bhel! Songs that make you cry a little, make you want to text your ex again and get into the the never-ending relationship spiral which is almost self-abusive …much like the bhel you could not resist!!!

But the memories aren’t the problem’s just the CHARGE around the memories! How can we be grateful for the memories yet move on knowing that’s the most pragmatic thing to do.. the more kind thing to do not just for yourself but also for your ex? How do you get rid if the charge? This is where some of the simple but effective tools of Access Consciousness come in very..very handy…

  1. The clearing statement:The clearing statement in Access is like a magic wand. Have you ever wanted to be able to just change things by asking them to change? That’s what the clearing statement does. So when these stomach churning memories come up..Just say POC POD (Point of Creation, Point of Destruction) for a few times over till the CHARGE subsides. Now this is the short of form of a really funny statement, more of which you can find out on the site
  2. Who does this belong to? Return to sender with consciousness.
    Chances are however, more often than not, that the Charge and the stomach churn doesn’t actually belong to you! How many of your friends, single, not so single and also taken friends (cause they are actually lying to themselves) are actually the ones feeling it? And you’re just picking it up from them thinking its yours…cause well that’s how psychic we are! 98% of your thoughts, feelings and emotions don’t actually belong to you. Don’t believe me? Well go into your thoughts reduce? So if you’re thoughts were actually YOURS would they ever reduce no matter where you were? So please..just try this tool..for EVERY thought, feeling and emotion ask who does to belong to and then return it to whoever with consciousness attached!
  3. How does it get any better than this? What else is possible?
    Now once you know how to “deal” with the Charge..ask what else is possible? This will open you up to possibilities you’ve not been open to receiving all this while. It’ll enable you to see what relationship may actually work for you beyond the Charge. It’ll help the Universe to guide you to a more kind, more nurturing relationship.

So use these simple tools, give it a try, see if they work for you…for you’ll never know until you try!


-Dr. Khushboo Shah

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