The Silly Stuff: It Matters (Please watch the video, if nothing else, it’ll definitely make you smile)

How do YOU really want to move your body? What if for once we forgot about being judged? What if for once we forgot about how others want us to move? What if for once we forgot about the snooty tractor man (watch the video!!!!!) ? What if the whole world was your bathroom…(ummm well not so that you could literally shit everywhere) but to certainly relieve yourself of other people’s judgement ? What if you could dance, sing, be yourself everywhere and anywhere (now get the “what if the whole world was your bathroom?” metaphor..:P) ? What if you could just be that imperfect, silly thing that certainly has more fun than the uptight, perfect, snooty little fake versions of ourselves? What if you could be the goofy, silly, funny, imperfect, mad, crazy, weird YOU you really are? Would Life then be more exciting?..Would we have videos like the Moonwalking Pony that go viral and make people smile?

One tool that let’s me be my true silly self everywhere is “INTERESTING POINT of VIEW”. This is my personal favourite of all the tools in Access Consciousness. As soon as you sense a judgement coming your way either from yourself and someone else, just repeat its JUST AN INTERESTING POINT OF VIEW three times to yourself. What does this do? Well it doesn’t make the judgement right, wrong, good or bad. It just makes it interesting. You don’t have to agree and align, you don’t have to resist and react…nothing..You can continue being your true silly and I repeat again..its far more fun to be Silly than the perfect, uptight version of yourself!!

Dr. Khushboo Shah

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