The untapped magic of relaxation

‘ Relax, and then do it ‘ This is a phrase which is now my go to everytime I am not able to do something or I’m thinking about something . ‘ Relax, and then do it ‘ The moment I hear this, I force my body to relax, to get from my mind to… Read More

Is it possible to have an easy life?

The first time I heard the phrase ‘ All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory ‘ , the first emotion that went through me was of absolute relief .. I remember being in my first Bars class and seeing this phrase on  my manual , it somehow didn’t seem that foreign… Read More

How I started a Massge table business by Accessing my Awareness!

  A few years ago, I was changing my career path and literally leaping into the unknown . At this point I had to generate a revenue stream to help pay for the classes and workshops I knew were going to help create the future I desired . So this is how I used the… Read More

What if de-focusing was the way to focus?

Go back to when you were a child , trying to study for an exam in your room . And every time you were asked to focus , how much did it agitate you . Did it actually feel “natural” to you ? I for one studied in the living room , on a moving… Read More

3 most important takeaways from a drum circle!

DRUM CIRCLES are on the most fun and effective methods of team building ! 3 most important takeaways from a drum circle : 1. You learn to actively LISTEN ! To the facilitator, your teammates and most importantly, yourself ! 2. You learn to WORK TOGETHER! What happens when everyone starts doing whatever they want… Read More

What if there was a gift in being laid off ?

A couple of years ago , a friend came in distraught from being fired from his job . Now no matter what situation it is , even if it’s part of the “corporate” world , I know the Universe has you back (and this I say at a serious risk of sounding philosophical) . But… Read More

Have you ever really failed?

Have you really ever failed ? Look back to when you last “failed” . What did it make you choose ? What changes did it usher in ? I keep getting asked about , how does one manage failure . Or what will happen if I fail ? Or I have fear of failure ,… Read More

What if change isn’t bad?

I’ve realised something ! I’ve been writing about how to handle change , whether it’s covid , being laid off as a result, or if it’s dealing with failure . Now I make surfing this change sound very easy . And it is , for me . It is easy for me now , since… Read More

The Earth is speaking to you , are you listening?

    This week I had very interesting experiences, everytime I would be in my kitchen, cooking, I would suddenly hear the birds in my garden, or the leaves fluttering, something or the other. And just listening to them would provide a break from me trying to get my recipe right or just being in… Read More

3 signs to recognise your SuperPowers !

      I was having a conversation with some of my students at the Symbiosis College of Liberal Arts about how to actively choose the future you’d truly like to create. As we spoke, one of the main places of confusion and sense of unclarity was as the students put and asked,”How do we… Read More

3 questions you can ask yourself if you’re confused about what to choose?

About 6 years back I quit my profession as a dentist. I really wasn’t happy with what was showing up as my life. I literally experienced what my life was going to be in the next 30 years and no…I was not happy! Thats when I got introduced to Access Consciousness which I describe as… Read More

Uncomfortable Things Earthlings Made Me Do !

(Spoiler : It included blindfolds too)   Uncomfortable things lead to greater possibilities (or so I have been made to believe by my boss to get work done). I have lost count of the number of uncomfortable things I have done during my work at Earthlings and I’m glad I did all of those (well,… Read More

Visual Arts at the Earthlings Engagement Program

Get down and get crazy with colours! Let the child in you take over and find the joy of art !! This is how we did visual arts during the Earthlings Engagement Programme !! Looks interesting?   Join us for the next edition in Mumbai!! Find out the details here :…/earthlings-engagement-program-2/  … Read More


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What does it mean to be PRESENT?

This takes me back to when I first found myself studying “alternative modalities”, you’d hear almost every Tom, Dick and Harry of the “spiritual” word tell you “BE IN THE MOMENT, BE IN THE NOW!” And I swear after listening to it almost a hundred times, I’d have almost slapped the next person who told… Read More

How does your body really want to move?

The Silly Stuff: It Matters (Please watch the video, if nothing else, it’ll definitely make you smile) How do YOU really want to move your body? What if for once we forgot about being judged? What if for once we forgot about how others want us to move? What if for once we forgot about… Read More

When does one use the Access Consciousness Tools?

So when do you use the Access Consciousness tool? The actual answer is FOR EVERYTHING…but since we’ve watched the video and at this point you maybe wondering why I made you watch it (besides it being hilarious of course), is to draw your attention at precisely 1min19sec (of the video). You may want to go… Read More

Scared is Scared of the things you like!

“Scared is Scared of the things you like!”…this is probably one of the most simple yet profound statements i’ve heard in a while. Just a quick’ll have watched the video right? Make sure you watch the video..again..WATCH THE VIDEO!!!.. okay now read..:P So this “technique” about distracting yourself from “scary thoughts” with something you… Read More

Is Guilt Needed?

The Guilt Trip! How many times have we walked this trip? How many times have we made others walk this trip? How many times have others made us walk, hike, trek, run, jog, sweat this trip? Its the month of May…We’re bang in the middle of the “MANGO SEASON”. If you’ve lived in India for… Read More