Have you really ever failed ?
Look back to when you last “failed” . What did it make you choose ? What changes did it usher in ?

I keep getting asked about , how does one manage failure . Or what will happen if I fail ? Or I have fear of failure , can you help me with it ? Or I started something and it didn’t work out , so now I fear starting something again !

And I find myself repeating “If you don’t give up , success is guaranteed ! “ . Now this may sound cliche ! But really , no one , literally no one who is successful will ever tell you , Oh it was a smooth ride throughout!

What if what “failure” does is show you what requires to change and is not working ? What if it gives you awareness? What if it’s not failures and is just a sign something has to change?

Once you get this , once you don’t buy into the lie of the fear , all failure is is a sign ! What if failure is a sign of new possibilities?

So will you trust you to know what requires to change ?
Or will you buy into the lie that you are a failure ?

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